June 11th: Bringing You an All Dayer of Pop-Punk

What better way to spend your Sunday and pretend we don’t have work tomorrow. That’s why we didn’t think our usual 7pm start would be long enough so our doors open at 2pm! And we’ve got some great bands joining us…

Headlining we have @alltheseyearsuk: a fun loving (yes, you’ve guessed it) pop-punk band. If they’re not performing you can finding them working on new releases.

“High energy full of the hooks and sing-along choruses”

Supporting is @asthesunsleeps: a British 4 piece pop-punk band have the ability to diversify their sound. The band’s sound is warm and decidedly catchy.

“We think there is a couple of things that make an “As The Sun Sleeps” song different, we have very defined lead and rhythm guitar lines, at no point in any of our songs are they doing the same thing. Also we have a metal drummer who loves math rock, Tshrimp comes up with some pretty funky stuff you don’t hear on most pop-punk records.”

We also have @callingallcaptains: All the way from Canada, this 5 piece band has a unique sound with multiple influences from each of the band members.

Not to mention @chiefstate: Joining Calling all Captains on their UK tour, the two troops of Canadian Pop Punkers will be playing here at New Cross Inn. They have come a long way since forming in their East Vancouver Garage!

@penelopetreeuk will also be playing, aiming to capture the mature side of Pop-Punk that is both meaningful and relatable. Since forming in late 2015 the band have since worked tirelessly to create songs that en-capture what it really means to be young but getting older.

“Life isn’t always as easy as we hope, but thankfully for us there are bands that just create a world of escapism, a realm where emotions can be broken down and rebuilt. Penelope Tree maybe new, but it is clear to see it is just that kind of band.” Mike Morris

We have @TheAdventuresOfLightspeed too! The 4 piece rock band are not shy of a little bit of humour when describing themselves in their biography. According to them the band consists of a “Frontman, guitarist and by far the best looking”, a “Bass player, backing vocals, definitely the poshest”, a Portuguese drummer who thought he was trying out for a metal band and a “Guitarist…ish.” And they are promised to bring an energetic performance.

And last but not least…@theyoungheartsuk.

“Being inventive and original in the alternative rock scene these days is rare. They’re many acts that try to be the next big thing, but fail at the first hurdle. But, we do get some acts that have honed and developed their sound beyond the norm. The Young Hearts are one of those components that fit the gap, controlling their destiny through the music that they wholesomely create”. [Punkanormal Activity]

Tickets are available at our advanced price so don’t let that discount pass you by!! (Just £3)

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