New Cross Inn are well chuffed to bring you local anarcho-punk legends CONFLICT.

Wednesday 27th December
Doors 7.30pm
£7 ADV / £10 OTD

Conflict have been cited by many as the world’s foremost Activist Anarchist punk band.
Conflict hold a unique and fascinating position of being hugely influential in the ANARCHIST MOVEMENT inspiring tens of thousands worldwide.Their calls to direct action have been met by ACTIVISTS
in great numbers throughout the years,Conflict remain active on all fronts to date.
THE A.L.F is closest to Conflicts heart.In fact Colin was an original member shorty after its creation.
The stance taken is to dismiss all politics,rejecting any parties and any organisations that are linked.
Conflict releases have dominated the independent charts since the groups debut single- The house that man built was released in 1981.This reached No 1.Thereafter Conflict releases mostly followed suit shifting tens of thousands of units worldwide.
Conflict -The ungovernable force. This album is considered by most to be Conflicts coming of age,inspiring so many in so many ways globally
This entered the charts straight at No 1 and remained there for weeks on end,even holding off THE SMITHS – the queen is dead album.
MORRISSEY has since spoke if his frustration at having to be content with No 2.

With Support From:

Grand Collapse
“How to introduce Grand Collapse to the uninitiated? “High octane, melodic, angry, hardcore political punk” would be a start but does not do them justice. Drummer Glenn and bass player Dave provide the foundations – breakneck tempo with the urgency of a horse galloping. Frantic drumming and a chunky bass sound. In recent conversation with fellow acolytes of the DIY punk and hardcore scene we came to agreement that GC are probably the best band the UK has to offer right now” – Louderthanwar.

Active Slaughter
London Anarcho, Anti Fascist, Vegan Punk Band. Active Slaughter began life around the year 2000 from an idea that had formed from from the mind of JJ. It was decided around this time that a CD compilation to support animal rights causes should be made, and doing a one off song by getting some other ‘musicians’ on board would be a good idea. 17 years later and they’re still here.

East Londoners playing fast paced Punk-Rock, with elements of 77 & 82 UK Punk, mixed with So-Cal and cow-punk.

The Chris Holland All Stars

Chris Holland took up the piano at the age of seven. Recording his first song, “It’s Getting Late”, when he was just twelve, he used a vintage four-track reel to reel handed down from his elder brother Jools and his then band, Squeeze. By his early teens while still at school, Holland formed his own band, B Sharp, playing mainly organ and singing. The band made their first television debut when they were spotted by Mick Robinson for a new TV show at the BBC. Holland left school at the age of 16 to tour extensively around the country for a couple of years, before being signed to Miles Copeland III’s I.R.S. Records label, releasing two singles: “While The Going’s Good” (produced by Dennis Herring, who has produced Elvis Costello and Ben Folds), and “Tell Me Straight” (produced by Pascal Gabriel, the producer of S-Express, Inspiral Carpets and EMF).

In between working on his own music he has continued to tour, record and write with various other artists including Green On Red, Squeeze, Stereophonics, Paul Weller and Paul Carrack Tom Jones, Ethan Johns. Holland has also played electronic organ, recorded and written for Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

The band also includes Seamus (Hammond organ) who has played with Iggy Pop and Paul Weller, and Phil (Sax) and Dave (Bass) who Chris met whilst performing with the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, as well as Siobhan Parr, who has collaborated with the likes of Grand Drive, Evan Dando and Alabama 3, who all fell for her rich, emotive vocal talent.

New Cross Inn proudly present:
The Chris Holland All Stars
Plus guests

Sunday 4th February 2018
£15 advance –


When: Wednesday 25th October 2017
Where: New Cross Inn (obvs)
Times: Doors 7pm
Tickets: £15 ADV:

“There are few bands that embody the phrase “sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll” as well as the Grammy Nominated American hard rock act Nashville Pussy. Blaine Cartwright is the Bon Scott of his generation with his ‘nursery rhymes for prisoners’ style of lyrics. Wife Ruyter Suys is the Angus Young of women. Together they create 100 proof No holds barred, no apology rock n roll. This shit ain’t for pussies.”

Nashville Pussy is an American rock & roll band from Atlanta, Georgia. Their musical style has been variously described as psychobilly, Southern rock, hard rock and cowpunk, as well as “sleaze rock”. The band’s lyrical themes mostly revolve around sex, drugs, drinking, fighting, and rock ‘n’ roll. Initially called Hell’s Half-Acre, the band’s name comes from Ted Nugent’s introduction to “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” on the Double Live Gonzo album.

Following the initial 1997 breakup of Kentucky cowpunk band Nine Pound Hammer, guitarist Blaine Cartwright formed Nashville Pussy where he would take up vocal duties in addition to guitar. The core lineup of Nashville Pussy consists of husband-and-wife duo Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys (pronounced “Rider Sighs”), and drummer Jeremy Thompson, formerly of Austin, Texas’ Phantom Creeps. Original drummer Adam Neal (Nine Pound Hammer) left to form The Hookers. Original bassist Corey Parks (sister of former NBA basketball player Cherokee Parks) quit one month after the release of the album High as Hell, and later joined Die Hunns. Tracy Almazan a.k.a. Tracy Kickass formerly of NYC’s The Wives, and Helldorado was enlisted to replace Parks mid-tour. Nashville Pussy recorded Say Something Nasty with Almazan on bass only to be replaced by Katielyn Campbell (of the band Famous Monsters). Katie Lynn’s image is on the album Say Something Nasty. Campbell was subsequently replaced by Karen Cuda for the album Get Some. Karen Cuda also appeared as bassist on the album “From Hell To Texas”, and in the live DVD Live in Hollywood.
Nashville Pussy have released six full-length studio albums, one EP and two live DVDs.


We have a crackin’ line up for this years freshers week! Featuring a good ol’ pub quiz, an open mic and lots of live music from bands such as The Kenneths, Editselect, Band Lab Rats and Foxes Faux. Plus we’re open till 4am Monday – Saturday!

Kicking off the week on MONDAY 18TH: PUB QUIZ
Just £1 to play and happy hour 6-7pm! Come and prep your brain ready for the semester by taking part in our weekly pub quiz. Quiz starts at 8pm!
Facebook event here:

Full bands, solo acts, duos, trios, acoustic, electric, comedians, poets, singers, dancers, pool hustlers, bands, talent scouts and entertainers (within lawful bounds) are all welcome to come and showcase their talents to innocent bystanders. Sign up opens at 6.30pm!
Facebook event here:

Come and join us for some live alt/rock music from these 4 bands, bands start at 8pm but definitely get down early and get the drinks in as happy hour is 6-7pm!
Facebook event here:

INDIE/POP/ROCK is the genre, get down and support these local bands and discover some up and coming talent! First band on at 7.15pm, happy hour 6-7pm!
Facebook event here:

A bit of everything – pop/rock/dancey stuff/reggae/funk! Perfect to boogie the night away till 4am.
Facebook event here:

£5 ADV/£8 OTD
PINTS, The Kimberly Steaks, Pizzatramp, Natterers, Misgivings, Müg, BROCKER, On A Hiding To Nothing, Werecats, Nietzsche Trigger Finger, Strange Planes, Fastfade
Facebook event here:

SUNDAY 24TH: Foxes Faux, Flatcaps & Fisticuffs, Amy & The Calamities + lots more
Wind down Sunday with all things folky! Enjoy an evening of folky/punk rock music featuring: Foxes Faux, Flatcaps & Fisticuffs, Amy & The Calamities, Travelling Souls, Ste Forshaw, Bill Wu and Ryan McNulty.
Facebook event here:


TOMORROW – Wednesday 2nd August – MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) w/support from MAID of ACE, BKS, Abandon Cause

MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) is an American punk rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1981. The band was subsequently based in San Francisco, California, and are currently based in Portland, Oregon. Originally formed as The Stains before changing their name, the band also changed their name to a different initialism of MDC with every new record released. They play fast hardcore punk music espousing far-left sociopolitical ideals, with singer Dave Dictor expressing his animal rights and anti-capitalist convictions.

Tickets £8 ADV // £10 ON THE DOOR


Friday 4th August – PEARS w/support from Great Cynics, Darko, On A Hiding To Nothing, Cereal Box Heroes, Eat Dirt

The story of PEARS is not exactly an incredibly long one: The hardcore punk band came together just over a year ago, in early 2014, after its members had kicked around the New Orleans punk scene for long enough before finally wising up and realizing they were meant for each other. However, it is a story that is remarkably fast-paced: The band’s first demo, …In Diapers, was released days after their first practice. The band’s 10-song debut album, the absolutely electrifying Go To Prison, was written over the course of 14 hours and recorded a mere five weeks after the band formed. Really, there’s no way PEARS should be as good as they are—something frontman Zach Quinn fully realizes. “The big secret is that me and a couple of the guys were in a band called the Lollies for a few years,” Quinn says. “That band broke up, we took some time away from each other and then just tried to do it right this time. I guess we really kind of lucked out. We didn’t make the same mistakes—the same mistakes being really too fuckin’ drunk to do anything.”
Of course, coming out of the NOLA scene, it’s tough to be anything but debaucherous. “The city is so decadent, it’s a great place to be a piece of shit,” Quinn says. “There’s plenty of punk rock. Not a lot of it is very good, but everybody’s having fun.” It’s that anything-goes attitude that informs Go To Prison, an album that straddles the line between in-your-face hardcore and sugar-sweet traditional pop-punk that’s surprisingly lighthearted. It’s evident in their logo (some might call it an homage to Fear; “I haven’t heard from Lee Ving’s lawyers yet,” chuckles Quinn), all the musical easter eggs scattered throughout the record (including references to Descendents and Suicidal Tendencies), plus an absolutely ripping cover of the Ramones’ “Judy Is A Punk” that is one whole second shorter than the original (a feat we didn’t even think possible). But just because the album comes off as humorous at times doesn’t mean PEARS don’t take themselves seriously. “I definitely take what we do very seriously, but it doesn’t mean it ain’t funny,” Quinn explains. “Humor is an aspect of everything. People without a sense of humor are either dead or lying. There’s humor in everything if you know where to look.” Take, for example, the band name. “The name ‘PEARS’ came from this really terrible mushroom trip I had,” he admits. “I ate way too many mushrooms and things just got really bizarre. Pears and bananas became archetypes for everything that is good and pure and everything that is terrible and shitty—pears are the terrible and shitty things. After that bad trip, pears became slang between me and my friends for bullshit: ‘That shit’s pears.’ I suggested the band name, and everybody thought that was dumb, but I talked ‘em into it.” The band were lucky enough to befriend Off With Their Heads frontman Ryan Young, who loved the band so much he put out Go To Prison on vinyl on his own label, Anxious And Angry, last year. Since then, PEARS have been on the road nonstop, supporting the likes of the Dwarves, the Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket and Strung Out, all leading to the re-release of Go To Prison on Fat Wreck Chords on July 24th. That’s no excuse to stop working, though: While their first album might finally be hitting a record store near you this July, the band will be back in the studio recording its follow-up with none other than Fat Mike in the producer’s chair. (“I never thought anything like that would ever happen,” Quinn says of Mike’s interest in his band. “I remember buying The Decline when I was 12—it’s really weird that I have anydegree of separation from that.”) While 2015 might be the busiest year of PEARS’ short existence thus far, it’s clear 2016 has potential to be even bigger.
“Honestly, what we have done up to now, I hadn’t even dreamed of,” Quinn admits. “I’m not gonna stop climbing. I wanna see how insane this can get. We’ve always said the last thing we’ll do as a band is play North Korea. Then we’ll be done. That’s the ultimate goal—even if we sneak in and play to nobody. I don’t care. I can’t wait to see what I get to do.”



Wednesday 9th August – The Resignators w/support from King Punch and Just Say Nay

Korweinguboora, Australia, based Ska Punk Rock band, The Resignators, have been bringing their brand of ‘Aussie’ Ska Punk to the universe for the past eleven years.

The Resignators sound is defined from the past where members honed their craft learning from voodoo princess in the Caribbean and playing in local and international bands, GWAR, Addiction 64, The Vals, whilst searching for what has become The Resignators sound.

It’s a sound of melodic horns and floating keyboards fuelled by a tight, hard hitting rhythm section powered by a Jamaican inspired back beat that has sometimes been compared to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake and Suicide Machines that has developed The Resignators own sound.

The Resignators sound is by no means what defines The Resignators as a band. Fun and lots of it, good vibes spread from town to town, city to city, country to country, the pursuit of shared good times and good vibes with each other, with friends new and old, even with total strangers, is what drives these eight individuals collectively known as The Resignators.

No strangers to the road, The Resignators, have toured extensively throughout Australia, Europe and North America including some of the world’s largest festivals, Open Flair (Germany), Ottawa Blues Festival (Canada), Train to Skaville (Croatia), Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic), Victoria Ska Fest (Canada), Pod Paru (Czech Republic) and many others whilst continuing to grow their sound and spread good vibes worldwide.

In November 2016 The Resignators will be taking a new batch of original tunes including one classic Aussie cover (it is a secret, but truly epic) into Sing Sing Studios and will be working with producer Marcel Fernandez out of Los Angeles (by way of Venezuela). Marcel is currently working with ZZ Top, but has also worked with Foo Fighters, AFI, RX Bandits, NOFX, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and more.



Sunday 13th August – The Generators w/support from Slutdrop, The Venomers, Insane Society, Foreign Flag, Scandal-streetpunk, LaFlamme

The origin of Los Angeles’ influential punk band The Generators dates back to 1997, just a few miles from the skyscrapers of downtown. In the early days, the band hung out and wrote music in an old vacant pizza oven factory, churning out their first batch of songs, which echoed the sentiments of the 1977 Punk spirit. They quickly got attention from the owners of the infamous Triple X Records, who were known best for their 1980’s roster that included Social Distortion, The Vandals, GBH and Jane’s Addiction. Without haste, the indie punk label put The Generators into the recording studio where they produced their first album ironically titled Welcome To The End.

Vocalist Doug Kane and guitarist Mike Snow’s friendship goes way back to their early teens, growing up in Pasadena, CA. They both played in bands during Los Angeles’ early punk explosion and would share the same stages at punk dives around town. In 1983, Kane fronted one of America’s very first Oi! punk bands, Doug & The Slugz, while Snow played guitar for one of California’s foremost Mod revival bands The Way. Years later they were members of the Southern California Punk band Schleprock, which spent the better half of the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s supporting acts like The Specials, Rancid, NOFX, Face to Face, Sublime and Bad Religion among others. In 1995, Schleprock signed to Warner Bros Records, but by the following year the band called it quits due to drug addictions and internal fighting.

Between 1998 and 2002, The Generators went on to release another two full-length albums, one 10” EP and a 7” single, and just like wayward children, they found themselves on the doorstep of San Francisco’s street punk based label TKO Records. Over the next few years the band kept evolving, but always remained true to their early punk rock roots. As their music continued to resonate with fans, companies like Corona Beer and sports teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the California Angels were also picking it up for commercial use. With scores of tours behind them and a full catalog of songs to fall back on, The Generators trudged their way through the next decade, releasing another four records with various labels along the way.

By 2012, the band had come full circle and was touring in support of a wide range of bands like The Damned, Megadeth, The Dead Kennedys and The Offspring. Their list of accomplishments continued to grow, and later that year one of the country’s largest news publications, US News, mentioned The Generators as “one of America’s most underrated punk bands.”

Now, almost eighteen years since the days of making punk songs in the old pizza oven factory, The Generators still carry on strong. In 2014, the band will release their tenth full-length album titled Life Gives-Life Takes on their new record label Randale Records. They’ll also be showcased on the main stage at Punk rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV and are already confirmed for large festivals dates and a tour throughout Europe this summer.



Monday 14th August – The Creepshow w/support from Danny & The Moonlighters, The Sin Kings, Deathcaps

Formed in dirty back alleys and dive bars in 2005, THE CREEPSHOW has redefined the saying “No Rest For The Wicked”. Since their inception, the band has brought their genre-defying blend of country-tinged, psycho punk rock n’ roll to over 25 countries worldwide with plans to conquer many more as soon as possible. Fronted by the vivacious Kenda (guitar/vox) and backed by the swarthy Sean “Sick Boy” McNab (stand-up bass/vox), The Reverend McGinty (sermons/organ/vox) and the righteous Sandro (skins), THE CREEPSHOW is an explosion of live energy that is a tasty treat for the ears and eyes alike… Whatever you do though, don’t write THE CREEPSHOW off as just another psychobilly band. While their lyrics draw inspiration from b-movies and early horror films, they’re also full of personal insight and personal stories dealing with everything from addiction to mental health to tales of love gone horribly wrong.

***Named as “One of the top bands you need to know about” by Alternative Press.

THE CREEPSHOW’s passion for touring is borderline obsessive-compulsive. They have an incredibly personal dedication to their fans and their live show that is nothing short of astounding. Watching their set is a full frontal assault on all your senses and you definitely have to stay on your toes when you’re at one of their shows. You never know when they might rush into the crowd for a scream-along with fans or launch their band mates across the stage from the neck of the stand up bass. THE CREEPSHOW have shared the stage with countless awesome bands including Rancid, Tiger Army, The Buzzcocks, The Unseen, Agnostic Front, Mad Sin, Demented Are Go and have appeared on killer touring fests like Warped Tour, Ink n’ Iron, Festival Of Fear, Mighty Sounds, Rebellion, Japan Punk Spring and Australia’s Soundwave Fest.



Wednesday 16th August – The Undercover Hippy w/support from Smiley & The Underclass, Salute, Horatio James

Drum and Bass MC turned singer songwriter Billy Rowan, aka The Undercover Hippy, is definitely not your average singer songwriter. His music brings together soulful vocals, infectious reggae rhythms, and the lyrical delivery of a skilled mc. Starting out as a solo act in 2007, he has since teamed up with some fantastic musicians and performs as a four piece, mixing guitars, keys, drums, bass, and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show. Combining intelligent, provocative lyrics with dangerously catchy hooks and a feel good groove, this is music for the thinking man to shake his arse to. Think Natty meets Eminem…on a protest march…at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Renowned for the electric atmosphere of their live shows, Billy and his band have performed at some of the UK’s best festivals, including Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Shambala, Green Man, The Secret Garden Party, Ireland’s Electric Picnic, and many more. As their last album Monkey Suit, released in late 2014, continues to clock up over a million streams and sales, the band have been touring relentlessly, with over 80 shows and festival appearances across the UK and Europe each year. Highlights have included headlining alongside The Cat Empire, Grandmaster Flash and The Skints at Eden Festival in Scotland, playing to 1000’s of festival goers at Buskers Bern in Austria, and making a much anticipated debut appearance to a 2000 strong crowd at Boomtown Fair near Winchester.

At the end of 2016 the band took a step back from touring to focus on recording the new album “Truth & Fiction”. Working with producer and engineer Dean Forrest (Backbeat Soundsystem, Easy Star Records) at Cube Studios in Cornwall, they laid down the groundwork for what they consider to be their most accomplished piece of work to date. Billy then worked with grammy nominated mix engineer Dean Barratt (Natty, Shy FX, Anoushkar Shankar) to refine and finally mix the tracks at the Dairy Studios in Brixton, and the album was released in May 2017. Since then it has received a fantastic response from both fans and critics alike. Tracks from the album have received airplay on David Rodigan’s show on BBC 1Xtra, and Tom Robinson has played tracks on both the BBC Introducing Mixtape and the Tom Robinson Show on 6Music. One of Billy’s biggest strengths is the way he manages to pack his songs full of political and social commentary, whilst at the same time remaining playful and uplifting, and in this respect the new album does not disappoint. Covering topics from fake news, internet privacy and the U.S. election, to nappy wearing barristers and best friends trying to snog your mum, this album once again takes you on a rollercoaster of storytelling and thought provoking protest pieces.



Red Tape Riot are coming to New Cross Inn!

We are excited to announce that Red Tape Riot will be joining us all the way from South Africa on their UK Tour on the 27th July!

Red Tape Riot has been earmarked as one of the most exciting additions to the South African music industry since forming in 2012. Over the last 4 years they have cemented themselves into the South African live performance scene, and have created a loyal and steadily growing fan base. And now they are taking on London!

They produce music with a cutting contrast between heartfelt melodies and strong party grooves. Influenced by the Post-Punk sounds of the 80’s, modern Indie Rock, Brit Pop, Drum n’ Bass and Electro dance scenes, the result is a highly danceable and catchy sound.

Also joining us are Human in Bloom: a brand new indie-alt-rock 4 piece from East London. Psych-alt-rock-indie-electronic-experimental-folk-pop at it’s very best.

And of course Sacre Noir: a female fronted, Scottish based three piece, centred around vocalist / producer Carrie Beattie.

Make sure you bag yourself a ticket at a very reasonable £5 advance price !

New Cross Inn & Sedate Bookings Present: Bob Wayne

New Cross Inn and Sedate Bookings are very happy to announce that Bob Wayne will be playing on our stage on Wednesday 19th July!

facebook_event_1825664141024601BOB WAYNE – Rock & Outlaw Country from Seattle/Nashville
Singer – Songwriter – Storyteller – Nomad
After a long hard run, down the roads across this land. Bob Wayne gathered up some outlaws, and they formed themselves a band. Now every day is different, every player every show. Will you see a bearded lady? Unless you go, you’ll never know. So come one, yeah, come all. When this ho down comes around. Who knows, you could be an outlaw too! Lettin’ out that carnie sound.

Support acts to be announced soon. 

Important info:
Doors – 7pm
Happy hour 6-7pm
Tickets – £7 in advance – get yours now!

Dog Eat Dog

We were very excited to announce that Dog Eat Dog will be headlining for us on Sunday the 11th November 2017! It is guaranteed to be a sell-out show so grab your tic

kets now while you can!

@dogeatdog.official, a ‘hardcore punk, rap metal, hip-hop’ infused band have been around since the 1990s and have made a household name for themselves. They’ve definitely come a long way since cramming 50 people into a basement for their first “official” show.

In 2003, it looked as though DED might have to pull out of their tour and it might all be over. But they were then approached by VIBRA who promised to get them back on track and that is exactly what they did. The following year, they came back strong with over 50 gigs played in Europe that year. 2005 was the real year of their rejuvenation, recording 12 songs over the summer and performed over 75 shows. They proved that they were here to stay and that is what they’ve done.

And now, in 2017, they will be adding New Cross Inn to their extensive list of venues they’ve played at and we are honoured.  This year is promised to be a very exciting year for DED as it is the first time they have brought out new mate

rial in 10 years!

“The tour will celebrate all the music of the band from Allboro Kings to the new tracks. Expect a high energy, party atmosphere that we are known for. There will be a support act sharing the stage and the nightliner. Find out what most cities in EU already know, Dog Eat Dog is one of the best live acts in hard edge music. Big beats, chunky guitars, sing along choruses and tight raps with a touch of soulful saxophone. Get ready for a Brand New Breed!!”

Supporting… we have…

@BrokenChakraBand! This Hardcore Punk / Hip-Hop Fusion band has gone from strength to strength since forming.

“4 Guys making honest, real authentic music designed to make you jump around and to think.”

There are more announcements and acts to be released as we draw closer to the event, so keep an eye on the event page and we will keep you posted!


June 11th: Bringing You an All Dayer of Pop-Punk

What better way to spend your Sunday and pretend we don’t have work tomorrow. That’s why we didn’t think our usual 7pm start would be long enough so our doors open at 2pm! And we’ve got some great bands joining us…

Headlining we have @alltheseyearsuk: a fun loving (yes, you’ve guessed it) pop-punk band. If they’re not performing you can finding them working on new releases.

“High energy full of the hooks and sing-along choruses”

Supporting is @asthesunsleeps: a British 4 piece pop-punk band have the ability to diversify their sound. The band’s sound is warm and decidedly catchy.

“We think there is a couple of things that make an “As The Sun Sleeps” song different, we have very defined lead and rhythm guitar lines, at no point in any of our songs are they doing the same thing. Also we have a metal drummer who loves math rock, Tshrimp comes up with some pretty funky stuff you don’t hear on most pop-punk records.”

We also have @callingallcaptains: All the way from Canada, this 5 piece band has a unique sound with multiple influences from each of the band members.

Not to mention @chiefstate: Joining Calling all Captains on their UK tour, the two troops of Canadian Pop Punkers will be playing here at New Cross Inn. They have come a long way since forming in their East Vancouver Garage!

@penelopetreeuk will also be playing, aiming to capture the mature side of Pop-Punk that is both meaningful and relatable. Since forming in late 2015 the band have since worked tirelessly to create songs that en-capture what it really means to be young but getting older.

“Life isn’t always as easy as we hope, but thankfully for us there are bands that just create a world of escapism, a realm where emotions can be broken down and rebuilt. Penelope Tree maybe new, but it is clear to see it is just that kind of band.” Mike Morris

We have @TheAdventuresOfLightspeed too! The 4 piece rock band are not shy of a little bit of humour when describing themselves in their biography. According to them the band consists of a “Frontman, guitarist and by far the best looking”, a “Bass player, backing vocals, definitely the poshest”, a Portuguese drummer who thought he was trying out for a metal band and a “Guitarist…ish.” And they are promised to bring an energetic performance.

And last but not least…@theyoungheartsuk.

“Being inventive and original in the alternative rock scene these days is rare. They’re many acts that try to be the next big thing, but fail at the first hurdle. But, we do get some acts that have honed and developed their sound beyond the norm. The Young Hearts are one of those components that fit the gap, controlling their destiny through the music that they wholesomely create”. [Punkanormal Activity]

Tickets are available at our advanced price so don’t let that discount pass you by!! (Just £3)

April has arrived and so has another great month of gigs!

We are working hard here at New Cross Inn to make sure you always have some new talent to check out and a variety of bands to discover. Not only that but we have some great headliners coming your way, so watch this space!

I hope you’ve got this Friday (April 7th) free because @porterinmusic are headlining with their London Album Launch Show! The west country based prog-rock/jazz release their new album “Ocean Grey” feat. Pete Judge (Get The Blessing). The past decade has seen them extensively tour the U.K. performing over 600 shows at some of of the U.K.’s most prestigious venues. They have made appearances at many festivals including; Glastonbury Festival

”Very smart and fleet-footed – a modern math-rock vibe… very evolved but still rocking out as well”   David Sinclair (The Times, The Guardian, Kerrang!)

With support from… @futuresoundcartel a South East London Indie Rock and New Wave band, @manistoneband Alt indie pop rock from London and more!!

Doors 7pm // £6 Tickets in advance

More of a Punk Rocker? 

First wave U.K. Punk Rock since 1976. Still touring and recording. The Vibrators. 8th April. Make sure you get your tickets in advance because these are flying out!

“I’ve been dancing lately, and it’s because of The Vibrators” Ben Jimenez

If that’s not enough, this is an all day event starting at 3pm with some great supporters. Some of which include: @slow.faction a 1st generation-influenced punk band with a real London 77 sound, @Snidepunk a female fronted punk rock straight out of Maidstone. Chugging beats, singalongs with illicit choruses, @JunkoFuse your tonic in the ever-growing monotony of modern music… and that’s only taking you to 7pm so make sure you check out our Facebook or Events page for full line up details and tickets!

Doors 3pm // £8 Tickets – no booking fee from the website

If we weren’t spoiling you enough over the past two days we have “Ska Pioneers” joining us on the 9th… THE TOASTERS! Having been compared to the Ramones, due to their longevity and adherence to core principles, the Toasters are held to be one of most influential ska bands out there. They’re a lean, mean ska machine.

PLUS… a very special guest… @captainaccident

Captain Accident is a reggae/ska/soul artist who creates a unique blend of soulful lovers rock, roots reggae, ska, dub and rocksteady at his home studio in Cardiff. This sound is then brought to life on stage with the help of a collective of musicians known as “The Disasters.”

PLUS… MORE… The PisdicablesOperation OffbeatPokémon Liberation ArmyFor I AmCodename ColinThe BobonboboffsTiefenrausch and BarCreeps.

With first released tickets already sold out, don’t miss your chance to save yourself some money and buy in advance! Only £8!!

Doors 2pm // £10 on the door

So as you can see, with our first week looking like that, this month is going to be a rager!

You can find all information about our upcoming gigs on our events page or Facebook page, you’ll be spoilt for choice!!


We accept the following card payment methods: