Dog Eat Dog

We were very excited to announce that Dog Eat Dog will be headlining for us on Sunday the 11th November 2017! It is guaranteed to be a sell-out show so grab your tic

kets now while you can!

@dogeatdog.official, a ‘hardcore punk, rap metal, hip-hop’ infused band have been around since the 1990s and have made a household name for themselves. They’ve definitely come a long way since cramming 50 people into a basement for their first “official” show.

In 2003, it looked as though DED might have to pull out of their tour and it might all be over. But they were then approached by VIBRA who promised to get them back on track and that is exactly what they did. The following year, they came back strong with over 50 gigs played in Europe that year. 2005 was the real year of their rejuvenation, recording 12 songs over the summer and performed over 75 shows. They proved that they were here to stay and that is what they’ve done.

And now, in 2017, they will be adding New Cross Inn to their extensive list of venues they’ve played at and we are honoured. ┬áThis year is promised to be a very exciting year for DED as it is the first time they have brought out new mate

rial in 10 years!

“The tour will celebrate all the music of the band from Allboro Kings to the new tracks. Expect a high energy, party atmosphere that we are known for. There will be a support act sharing the stage and the nightliner. Find out what most cities in EU already know, Dog Eat Dog is one of the best live acts in hard edge music. Big beats, chunky guitars, sing along choruses and tight raps with a touch of soulful saxophone. Get ready for a Brand New Breed!!”

Supporting… we have…

@BrokenChakraBand! This Hardcore Punk / Hip-Hop Fusion band has gone from strength to strength since forming.

“4 Guys making honest, real authentic music designed to make you jump around and to think.”

There are more announcements and acts to be released as we draw closer to the event, so keep an eye on the event page and we will keep you posted!


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