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We are delighted to invite you to the first edition of ‘BEST OF ALL WORLDS’, a live music night hosted by Dead Writers, where our premise is to bring together bands we know and like, who, though still relevant on some level, may offer quite different musical approaches to our own, but will always be chosen to participate for what we deem as worthy artistic value. To us, the appreciation of music of diverse kinds is a representation of mutual understanding while keeping the right to see the world through our individual filters, and we mean to encourage this attitude towards music with the creation of this recurring event, this time in collaboration with New Cross Inn.

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Doors 7pm

Dead Writers
On their debut night as hosts of ‘Best Of All Worlds’, Dead Writers present their personal blend of evocative imagery and dynamic arrangements, where the energy of rock & roll meets sensitive melodic songwriting. Ahead of the upcoming release of their first official single, this is a wonderful opportunity to see this exciting rock band in the early stages of their confident rise to great things.

Temple of Time
“Sometimes, in time, there is an event that we find special, relevant to our history. It could be something like the Big Bang, the creation of life, or the the first time a chimpanzee used a tool. It could be the breeze of the wind, the smell of a flower, depending on who you ask. It could be anything, it could be everything; It is only through our own minds that we process and identify this events as such.

There is a place where this events happen. A place where, almost magically, all the pieces of the puzzle have been aligned to catch, understand, and bring this events to the world. And its inhabitants, like slaves of god, puppets of nature, they open its doors and give away their most precious treasure, their interpretation of what has been brought to them. A gift.

This place has always been there, behind the fog of how we perceive the world, and only, from time to time, we can see it.

And this place, is the Temple of Time”

Zennor Keys
The Zennors were nicely surprised when they found out they won a South London music video competition with their track “Sun goes up”, but not as much as when the video producer Chris Acton said that he was “a big fan of the song’s dirty blues style… reminding [him] a little of Queens of the Stone Age”!
Since recording “Sun Goes Up” in Brixton Hill Studio at the end of 2016, Zennor Keys have created a lot and now have enough material to record an album. Until this is possible, they are planning to record their first EP at the start of 2018.

War Rooms
War Rooms are a 4 piece instrumental rock/pop band from SE London. They craft intricate, rhythmically driven pop music.

Indie Pop/Funk quartet from South East London

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Event Details

Date: 2018-05-03

Start time: 19:00 p.m.

End time: 23:00 p.m.

Venue: New Cross Inn