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Punk bands from London and beyond are coming together to play a blasting gig in support of the homeless charity GlassDoor. These guys are awesome and do everything possible with their resources to feed, clothe and shelter as many homeless people as they can in the West London boroughs, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Wandsworth. You can read up about this awesome charity here:

£5 ADV (no fees) or £5 OTD

Come and check out this all dayer in New Cross Inn in support of GlassDoor. The line up!

The Scuts
Punk rock band who aren’t a fan of the Tories at all! F**K THE TORIES! You can check out the EP, ‘Gross Profit’ here

The Drunken Ramblings
Punk band who aren’t afraid to rock out with their cock out! Put it away Victor!

Kilburn Bomb Squad
Ball to the walls madness from these lads! Hide the Guiness and the TNT, KBS are in town

The Deckchairs
Old school punk band from Reading! Check them out here! Go on Robin Friday

Playground Circus
Punk band from Greece! They’ve had enough and not afraid to tell you!

Shocks Of Mighty
Ska band from Bristol that’ll get you moving!

Fifteen Years
That’s how long I’ve been looking for a YouTube link!

She Bit Me First
Punk band back with a new lineup! Check out some vintage She Bit Me First here

New punk band with some awesome tunes! EP coming soon!

The Repeelers
Old school punk band with plenty to say about the state of play in the UK! They’re great live

The Graves
New punk band on the scene with some blasting tunes! Take my word for it until I have a link to tunes!

Three Chords and a Lie
Pretty rocking punk with a square quitar that’s totally hip! You squares!

Ash Lewis
Folk punk dude with some pretty epic stuff!

All the punk rock you can handle for only £5! To help the charity out further, the bands selling merchandise will be donating a percentage to top up the money raised from ticket sales! Come on down and support live music and the GlassDoor charity!

Additional information

Ticket Type

General Admission

Event Details

Date: 2017-11-25

Start time: 12:00

End time: 23:59

Venue: New Cross Inn



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